Using Casper

Download the zip package of the theme and install either automatically through the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance tab, or by uploading the casper-wp folder to your WordPress/wp-content/themes directory.

Getting Involved

Want to report a bug, request a feature, or help me build this project? The more the merrier!

Many thanks to the Ghost & WordPress teams, as well as the Underscores _s contributers, and kvendrik/responsive-images.js. Built using all of the above.


Lacy Morrow

23 year old freelance professional and full-stack web and applications developer with a BS in Computer Science.


8 thoughts on “Using Casper

  1. Hi,

    great theme, nice and clean. Is there any way to toggle between full post and summary? And is it possible to built a page without the Leave a Reply section?



  2. Awesome… I have been going through all those wordpress themes when all i wanted was a simple one.. thanks man..

  3. Hi Lacy,

    What plugin do you recommend to add a “Facebook Like” button at the bottom of each post ? (+ twitter button, etc)


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